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It comes from South Africa and it is herbaceous, evergreen with green lanceolate leaves. It starts blossom in May until June and creates spherical inflorescences which are constituted by 30 to 40 tubular flowers. Its long lasting flower starts growing from the base of the rosulate leaves and according to the variety it can have white, purple or blue colour. As a plant is highly resistant and needs little treatment. It survives in poor soils and in seaside locations while it prefers full sunlight positions. It needs normal watering during spring and very little the rest of the year and it is widely used both for sole and group planting.

The product is provided in 17cm pot. (P17)


  • Shrubs
  • Evergreen
  • full sun
  • partial sun
  • normal
  • Summer
  • White
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Suitable for seaside
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