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Evergreen bush native in Greece that can be spotted up to 1000m altitude. It can reach up to 3m height and it is described by dark green wide thorny leaves with leathery texture as well as inflorescences consisted by small white and rarely red flowers. It blossoms twice per year in May and September. The maturation of its seed that follows last one year that is why simultaneous flowering and fructification takes place. Its seed has rough texture and initially yellow colour which turns red with maturation. It is resistant to cold and it prefers acidic poor in calcium soils. Apart from gardening it is also famous in apiculture, wine making and pharmacy.       

The product is provided in 24cm pot (P24).


  • Shrubs
  • Evergreen
  • partial shade
  • shade
  • normal
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Cold resistant
  • Attracts bees, etc.
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