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Aloe Vera is one of the most famous plants of the last decade due to its curative properties which are constantly being confirmed from various scientific organisations. The gel contained in its leaves can be used as antiseptic, healing product and even as anti-wrinkle cream ingredient. The plant is succulent and one of the many varieties of aloe. Its grey green leaves are thorny and fleshy, start growing from the base of the developing rosette and its production is based on the appearance of scions. It doesn’t need frequent watering and it prefers sandy soils and shady locations. It can be found in seaside location as it is resistant to saltiness as well as it is widely used in gardens.   

The product is provided in 10cm pot.  (P10)


  • Cactus-succulent
  • Evergreen
  • partial sun
  • partial shade
  • little
  • Spring
  • Yellow
  • Suitable for seaside
  • Draught resistant
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